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Oh, the torture!!

In 1 on September 19, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Hello.  My name is Virginia.

“Hi Virginia.”

…and I have been job-free for four months now. 

This would be the time where everyone would begin clapping IF I were in an addict support group.    

I wish I was back out there in the real world, the ‘working’ world.  I need a job and I need to stop being reminded, everyday, of how job-less and broke I really am. 

Yesterday, one of my good friends, but I don’t want to say any names, ROLO, asked me to be his fashion advisor and go with him to buy a sports jacket that he needed for next weekend.  Since I was home, had nothing to do and nowhere to go, I decided to accept the invitation.  Little did I know that this outing would take six, almost seven, hours and would cross city limits. 

Noon: we went to eat lunch in the Lake Worth area.  1 p.m.: went to Kohl’s.  1:30-ish: walked over to Marshall’s.  2 p.m.: walked back, in the HUMID weather, to the truck and headed towards Northeast Mall.  2:20-ish: made a pit stop to pump some gas.  2:30: drove by the mall and almost died while pulling into a parking lot’s exit by the creek.

2:32-3:15: spent some time in a men’s clothing store being hounded by a very aggressive sales guy.   3:15 : walked out without buying anything.  I refuse to let my friend give them an arm and a leg for a jacket he will probably only wear once.

3:15-4:45-ish: drove to Arlington to find a K and G store that, by the way, had been closed because of the shooting of a manager by a disgruntled female employee, according to a guy who worked at the Sears outlet we luckily stopped at for location reference.  That “source” deserves a medal because he guided us to the closest K and G store.  5 – 6:25 p.m.: finally arrived at the hard-to-find store and waited for him to find the “right” sports jacket.  After finding the right jacket, I looked for some shirts to go with it and then I proceeded to wait again until he tried them on and I gave my opinion, showed him to the register and finally, I took a breath of fresh air.

I felt like I was trapped inside retail jail for the whole day and was then released early for good behavior, like I was an addict made to sit in a room full of drugs without being able to try any of them, like a broke alcoholic in a liquor store.

Oh, the torture of being broke and having to go shopping knowing that you can’t buy anything and purses and shoes galore!  Hey, at least I got a meal out of it and my good deed for the day was done. 

Disclaimer:  Times are NOT accurate, I don’t think, except the start and end times.