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The real Post Grad

In 1 on August 25, 2009 at 4:20 PM

So, in anticipation of this new movie, Post Grad, I have stopped to look at my life.  Maybe I should wait on that and just watch my life on the big screen.

Post Grad, a movie that recently came out in theatres, is about a recent college grad who has to move back in with her parents and struggles finding a job after going to several interviews.  Well, move over Alexis Bledel, that movie was made from my life, and sadly, many others’ lives. 

I too am a recent college graduate, had to move back in with my parents and have been on several nerve-racking interviews and am still unemployed.  I am even starting to think that college was a waste of time.  Maybe I should have skipped my pursuit of higher education and stayed working full time.  Who knows, maybe I could have been manager somewhere by now, or better yet, at least still had a job. 

Nowadays, if you have a job, you are considered LUCKY in my book. 

It’s sad that a college degree can’t really do much.  It used to be that if you had a degree, you were set.  Now?  Who knows, maybe you need a Master’s degree but who has the money to go back to school if you can’t even find a job?

I hope my “post grad” life gets better.  I need to pay off my student loans!!!

I am thinking of changing my blog name to “Post Grad.”  Fitting, don’t you think?  Vee’s Blog was only temporary anyways.  Do you think I will get sued for copyright?  I should know this.

Make it a Redbox night.

In 1 on August 11, 2009 at 12:47 AM

So what has happened to hitting up your neighborhood monopoly, Blockbuster, and making it a movie night?  If you ask me, it has gone extinct.  I haven’t stepped foot inside a Blockbuster store in more than five months.  Why, you ask?  Well, like many others,  I have discovered the HUGE convenienve that is Redbox

Redbox is the newest trend amongst movie renters.  These red boxes are mostly, if not all, located at 7-Elevens and Wal Marts.  You select a movie through the touch screen, swipe your credit or debit card and your movie pops out from the side.  The first time I used this great machine, I was in awe of how easy renting a film was, and now, it is a commodity.  All I had to do was enter my e-mail address and my zip code. 

Because of today’s economy, when you can pay less for something, why not do it?  Renting a movie at these awesome little reb boxes only costs you a dollar a night.  You have to return the movie by 9 p.m. the next day and if you choose to keep it an extra night, you still only pay ONE DOLLAR per night. 

New DVD releases go into each box every Tuesday.  For more information or to locate a Redbox near you, check out their website.  You never know, it may save you money on your entertainment needs.  So the next time you want to make it a movie night, why not make it a Redbox night?  It’s good for the economy and your wallet.  Just watch out for the mobs of people around 9 p.m. all trying to return their rentals.

PS  You can even check for special offers and see which Redbox location has the movie you are looking for.