I spent 50 cents at the movies! Yeah, really!

In 1 on July 28, 2009 at 11:48 PM

OK, so staying home has become rather tedious.  It is driving me insane and to get my mind off the job search, I decided to go to the “dollar” movies with my family.  Little did I know, everybody and their momma had the same idea.  So, it’s Monday evening and we go to purchase our tickets.

“Four for “Drag Me To Hell” please.”

“Two dollars.”


You can’t beat paying 5o cents to watch a movie on the big screen, even if the movie did suck.  I recommend checking out your local “dollar” movies and use that as your movie theatre for a while.  The movies will be a bit old, but who says you have to watch a movie as soon as it comes out?  No one!  You know what I heard on a DirecTv commercial?  That when you go to the movies with your family of five, you pay for the same movie five times.  True story.  I never thought about it that way, but it makes total sense.

This theater is Cinemark Movies 8 and is located in North Richland Hills right off of loop 820 and Grapevine Highway.  However, I believe that on Mondays it is 50cents per person if you buy tickets for three or more people.  Either way, it is a great buy.

So to save money in this struggling economy, hit up your bargain theatres but on a day that it’s not as crowded.  Also, check out the new Redbox option.  More to come on that next.

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