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My Intro

In Writing Samples on June 17, 2009 at 9:54 PM

HI!  I am Virginia and I am a recent journalism grad.  I say recent, but what I mean is that I graduated last May.  With working full time to pay for rent and school and my plethora of time consuming classes, I didn’t have time to do any internships while I was still in school.  (I don’t recommend that at all!)  I wish I had interned somewhere, anywhere.

Now I am in the real world, so I think, and I am finding it difficult just to find a job, even without my degree.  Economy?  Yeah, let’s blame it on that.  However, I won’t let it get me down, no sir! I am actively looking for a job, my bills are stacking up and it’s Summer once more and that means higher gas prices.  I drive a truck, thanks to my dad, and the gas it wastes is not a good combination when you’re unemployed.

High gas prices or not, I had to start doing something, not only so I woldn’t go insane, but to help me out with my future career.  Writing!  Yes, writing.  I love it, I can do it well and I don’t have to necessarily leave the house.  So I decided to start this blog.  What do I know best of all?  ME!  I know myself, I can write about past experiences and what is going on in the world, my state, my city, my neighborhood.

What elso do I love?  MUSIC!  Yes, I am a music junkie and I also love EDITING, but there isn’t much I can write about editing.  I love blue, winter, my BlackBerry, my iPod, New York, although I’ve never been but hope to soon, I love night time, art, funny commercials, reality TV, etc…

As you can tell, I like a lot of things so I can’t narrow down what I will write about.  Tune in and be pleasantly surprised with what you will find.

My Bio:

  • born in Fort Worth, TX January 31, 1983
  • I attended 3 different colleges: Texas Wesleyan, TCC and the University of North Texas
  • member of Sigma Kappa Lambda Sorority -local at TxWes
  • May 08 journalism grad from UNT (BA)
  • 1 of 5 kids
  • lived in Mexico for a few years-fully bilingual (Spanish, of course)
  • I hope to go to New York one day soon, either to visit or to live there and work.