Still bored, no longer unemployed.

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So my journey to go through all of my songs didn’t work out.  My iPod ran out of battery because I left it in my truck on a cold, cold night.  So not good!

The good news?  I found a job! It was about time!  It is not using my degree or anything, but it’s paying the bills. It is Monday through Friday from 10-7 and yes, it’s boring. I am a button-pusher. I click here, check there, verify this, approve that.  Look at this, match that, scroll here, stamp there, edit that.  Boring indeed!

Even better news? I took my content exam for my alternative certification and I passed. Woo hoo! My goal now is to take another exam and hope to land a teaching job by this Fall.  When that happens, I will no longer be a button-pusher, perhaps a paper-pusher?  I don’t know, but I know it will be great!

Since I now have a job, my blog will change. From Bored and Unemployed, to Post Grad, which is what I wanted to change it to before. Greatness!

Day One

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So yeah, I got lost.  I knew it!  I was up before the rooster, seriously, but that didn’t help me AT ALL.  I thought I was ready and well informed, but that wasn’t so. 

5:30 a.m.:  Rise and shine, sunshine!  Get ready.  Look for keys.  6:13:  Found keys. Got in the truck and followed the directions on my BlackBerry to the T and P Station of the TRE.  6:30: Found the address, but I didn’t see the train.  Drove around the T and P Lofts’ parking lot for a while.  6:40: Decided to park, go in to the T and P building and ask for directions.  Good thing I’m a girl, I wasn’t embarrassed. 

6:46:  Found the entrance and purchased my ticket.  7.50 big ones.  Cash only! Really?  Really?  6:49: Found the conductor.  Asked if I was taking the right train.  Will they tow my truck in the lofts’ parking lot?  Right train, wrong parking lot.  I only had 7 minutes to run, more of a slow sprint, back to the truck, turn it on, drive to Main St and turn on Vickery, park, sprint back to the terminal and make it on time.  Nah! 

As I wasted time thinking about the possibilities and the “should I, could I’s” of the ordeal, Mr. Conductor mentioned I could probably make it to the Richland Hills stop by 7:11 a.m. and catch the train there. 

6:56 Sped to Richland Hills.  Parked and watched my train pass by.  Noooo!!!!  I missed it, again!

I waited for the next train.  I almost missed that one too because another Mr. Conductor said it was going West, not East.  Eventually, I figured it out and boarded just before it was scheduled to leave.  Whoa!

I didn’t want to be late so I was anxiously looking at my phone to verify the time.  Next stop? Victory Station.  Next train?  The DART Green Line.  Exit in the West End.  Get lost.  Walk around the building I was supposed to enter and eventually realize my mistake. 

8:30 a.m.:  Right on time for my first day as an intern. YAY!!!  8:30-1:30:  Amazing day.  So glad for the great opportunity I have been given and ready for day two. 

1:50: Board the Green Line Rail.  Exit Victory. Board the TRE.  Exit at Richland Hills stop.  Home, sweet home.

Fortune Cookie

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I sit here on the eve of my first internship and am a bit nervous.  It’s not paid and it’s not for class credit.  It is for the betterment of my career and resume. 

Since I have now been “unemployed” for over eight months now, I am grateful to have somewhere to go in the morning, something to do and something to learn.  Who knew that working for free would be so beneficial? 

Recently, I was going through some of my old things and out of nowhere, a fortune, from a fortune cookie, fell to the floor.  I picked it up.  Read it.  Thought about it.  Then read it again.  Yes, this in deed was a fortune.  It said, “Now is the time to try something new.”  And trying something new I will. 

As part of a trend of “firsts,” I will also be riding the TRE for the first time.  The TRE is the Trinity Railway Express and it will save me the trouble of driving all the way to far Dallas from Fort Worth.  It is a godsend because I would probably get lost and be late, and I hate being late, to my first day at M Strategies, the wonderful public relations firm that is giving me the opportunity to intern with them.  Thank you M Strategies!!!

Tomorrow I will begin my first internship, I will ride the TRE for the first time and I will get up the earliest I have gotten up in eight months.  Wish me luck!